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Quick request. Can you make it so I can have it be percentages only? I dont really want the cpu icon. Also When i have the icon on the left of the percentages there is a very large gap from the last core percentage to my next statusbar icon. When i switch the icon to the right it hugs it nicely, so im assuming the sizing of the “core area” is a little too big. Other than that its great. :)

nice product

Does just what it promises. I use it mostly to tell me when CPU is finished all of it’s start up tasks and I can get to work

Great Performer, Exceded Expectations

My background is in Information Technology, I enjoy playing video games in my spare time and needed something to ensure I’m not taxing my system to hard during the process. This application delivered everything I need at a great price. I was so pleased with this when I discovered that the developer has made a graphing/mega calculator application as well I bought it on the spot! Will be a return customer of this developers for sure.

Great alternative to cpuled with more features!

Okay, so I used to use the app cpuLED, an elegant app that displayed CPU usage for each core. However, I noticed that my computer started crashing when I used it. Sure enough, when opening up the console, I discovered it was returning errors to the system every second! This app is much ore reliable than that. no error messages, and it also displays RAM and disk usage. It is simple and easily customizable, and it’s definitely worth the $.99 Overall, it’s an excellent, lighweight app. Buy it now!

Simple, clean, works great.

Very simple lightweight design. Does everything it needs to do and does it well. Nothing else to say…worth the money.

As Apple would say

It Just Works!! Great App!!

Works exactly as advertised

Does exactly what it says it will, perfectly.

Simple, elgant app that does what's advertised

This app works as promised and is a good, inexpensive addition to your status bar. I do have one suggestion for future versions: allow more customization of icon colors. I would, for example, like to set the lowest level of performance to green rather than the default black. Even better would be gradients with stop points. Thanks.

please add network statistics

then it will be great

Good Process Monitor, Happy to Pay $1 For It

If you're looking to keep an eye on your CPU, disk and meory usage, you can't go wrong with this little app. In a world where the best of breed process monitoring app is the occassioanlly-supported and exhorbinately overpriced iStat, this app stands out as an alternative to my mind. While it may not have as many features, it does have the core processes that you're most likely to want to monitor and it only costs $1. And I have yet to see it crash or even hiccup.

Good process monitor application, but I wish it was free

This is basically a mac app store rendition of the popular (and free) "menumeters" application. Overall this program does its job well and is helpful to have in the menubar to see when your processor is getting bogged down, but I wish it had a meter for your network connection as well (like menumeters). Overall, I give it a 4.3/5, and not because there's something wrong with it, but because it just doesn't have all the features I'd want for a paid app.

Exactly what I was looking for

All I wanted was a simple application that would put quick stats in the menubar. This app fit that requirement perfectly!


Ötimo para saber se algum aplicativo travou, e saber as condições do Macbook Pro.

It's good for a buck.

It does what it says that it does. For some reason, I thought it came with a RPM meter so I could see how fast the fan was spinning.

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